Transport and forwarding services

The scope of MK Fracht's activity includes both domestic and international transport as well as forwarding.
We employ experienced forwarders and drivers who will cope with each order. We have modern Scania vehicles, adapted to carry a full load up to 24 tons. We transport whole and partial loads, mainly under tarpaulin. We take care of the technical condition of cars, which is why we regularly provide them with technical inspections.
We provide services throughout Poland, as well as in various countries of the European Union.

International transport includes countries such as:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Portugal

You can count on help in choosing the right mode of transport, as well as how to load and unload.
We also provide advice related to the specific weight of the load, special requirements or travel restrictions to the place of unloadinqg.
We guarantee comprehensive service at every stage of transport. We have constant contact with drivers during the courses, including using cell phones and a GPS system. Our clients can count on the timely receipt and delivery of cargo, richly equipped rolling stock, flexibility in the implementation of all transport orders and transport insurance in the scope of carrier OC.

We provide transport insurance

The transport company is responsible for damages arising from the moment of accepting the cargo, transport to its release.
Our clients can count on transport insurance in the field of carrier liability. We have OCPD insurance in domestic traffic as well as international traffic.
The carrier's basic liability covers both material and financial damages. The insurer pays compensation in the event of damage
or loss of goods or financial loss due to the fault of the carrier. In addition,
insurance can be extended, for example, to damage caused by robbery, or damage to the container.



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